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Athletic Shoe Sponsorship and
Invitation for the 5th Shuttlecock World Championships

We have received our official invitation for the 5th Shuttlecock World Championship competitions to be held on 5th-10th of October 2017. If you or your local group is interested in participating, please contact us as soon as possible to we can see if we can organize a USA Team for the competition.

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USA Shuttlecock Association First Visit to China
National Championships!

SA Shuttlecock President will make the first trip of
the USA Shuttlecock Association overseas from Dec
1st to Dec 24. The purpose of this trip is to be an
observer at the China National Shuttlecock
Championships. We hope with this trip to be able to
meet the leaders of the China Shuttlecock
Association, to introduce ourselves, and to be able
to bring back many photos and videos of the
competitions in China. See more details in our press
release, and stay tuned for more details as they

Exciting Shuttlecock Competition!

We are accepting videos of your Shuttlecock tricks
and techniques. Check Here for more details. In the
mean time, submit your videos via email to or place then on and let us know where they are. We
will select the best videos to be placed on the site, and also be offering a
prize for the best videos.

Worldwide Greetings!

Worldwide Greetings: With the establishment of the
USA Shuttlecock Association, we are receiving
greetings from around the world.

Below are the words from the President of the Greek
Shuttlecock Federation:
“Greetings from the Greek
Shuttlecock Federation. I am Jordan Stavridis,
President of the Greek Shuttlecock Federation. I am
very happy that someone from the US decides to make
a Shuttlecock Association. The sport of Shuttlecock
is enjoyed in Greece and in many countries in Europe
and around the world, and I am happy to see that
there is now interest in the sport in the US. We
wish you great success in encouraging this sport in
the US. If there is anything I can do to help you
promote the sport in the US, just let me know, and I
will be glad to help.